USA scholarship - I stage Poland

1st stage of the USA Football scholarship Program

Scholarships will be awarded to the best candidates from Bitburg in Germany, which will take place in May 2018.
Datae of the Test match: 30th March 2018
Venue:  Youth Sport Centre Poznań
               ul. Gdańska 1
  • We will conduct the recruitment phase by organizing a control game.
  •  On the basis of the match, Concept 4 Soccer Poland will select 16 players who will be able to participate in the second and final selection stage in Germany.
  • The tests are designed for players born in the years 1999 - 2003.
Attending Colleges 2018
  •  United States Military Academy – West Point (NCAA Div I)
  •  United States Naval Academy (NCAA Div I)
  •  United States Merchant Marine Academy (NCAA Div III)
  •  Brown University (NCAA Div I)
  •  Jacksonville University (NCAA Div I)
  •  University of Dubuque (NCAA Div III)
  •  Northern Kentucky University (NCAA Div I)
  •  University at Albany (NCAA Div I)
  •  Concordia College - Moorhead (NCAA Div III)
  •  State University of New York at Oswego (NCAA Div III)
  •  Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis (NCAA Div I)
  •  Hawaii Pacific University (NCAA Div II)
  •  Santa Clara University California (NCAA Division I)
  • University of Wisconsin (NCAA Division I)
Schedule of the match day
Time  Event           Venue
  10.00  Registration  Football pitch
  10.15  Presentation  Football pitch
  10.45   Teams presentation  Football pitch
  11.00  Warm up  Football pitch
  11.30  Match  Football pitch
  15.00  Selection of the players  Football pitch
   16.00  Finish of the test  Football pitch



  • More than 90 participants per year
  • Allocation of 24 scholarships in the last 3 years of the camp (only American military members)
  • Growing interest on the part of American Universities
Player Information
Parent Information
If the above player is under 16 years old please could the Parent / Guardian fill out the details below.
I understand and accept that whilst all reasonable care will be taken neither Concept 4 Soccer International nor any personnel authorised by them, nor the school / facility at which the soccer trial camp is being held will be responsible for any loss or injury suffered by or to the applicant, how ever caused.