Football scholarship USA
About the Project:

The College Soccer Showcase Camp in Bitburg, Germany is the only one of its kind in Europe. This is the spot for young people throughout Europe to apply for a football scholarship at American universities.  Intentionally the camp was created as a camp for U.S. military members in Europe. From 2017 on, we have extended our portfolio to where talented players from all over Europe can grab this unique opportunity. The player pool now consists of American military children, German, Poland players and promising talent from our activities all over Europe. Important note: When allocating scholarships, the nationality of a player does not matter!

The Advantages for potential partners:

Many youth players have mainly one goal – becoming a professional footballer. But what happens when a majority of players is not picked by professional teams after the U18/U19? Often only a handful of players are considered for the U23 or the professional roster of a club. For these players we have created the College Soccer Showcase in Germany. We want to provide players with a platform that connects football and education – we are giving young people the opportunity to make new, unforgettable life experiences.  

A Win - Win situation
  • New opportunities for youth players of the club
  • Coping with the pedagogical responsibility for young people to change their life sustainably.
  • Exclusiveness: Standing out from other youth academies across Europe
  • Positive public image through new educational possibilities


  •     The Schachter Management & Sports is the official partner of Concept 4 Soccer Poland in Germany.
  •     This project is divided into two stages of selection of players during football tryout organized in Poland and in Germany.
  •     The scholarship allows you to study in the United States for free, usually it costs between $ 40,000 - $ 70,000 per year of study.
  •    The total cost of 3 years of study can be over $ 250,000.
  •     The system of football games in American universities is based on 4 divisions, where 1 is the strongest. Season lasts 3-5 months.
  •     The project is attended by 14 American universities that have provided scholarships for the best European players taking part in the tryout.
  •     Learning and playing college is the way to a professional MLS contract. Teams playing in the MLS, as well as in other professional leagues in  the US (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) choose the best university players in the annual lottery (draft). In each top academy every year the junior age is finished by a group of about 20 competitors. The club proposes a contract for 3-4 players.
  •     The selection stage takes place in Poland in March during the test match.
  •     The second stage of the selection takes place in Germany in May during a 3-day football test.
  •     More than 90 participants from Germany, USA, Poland, Greece, Spain or China participate in the second stage of the selection each year.
  •     24 scholarships were awarded in the 3 previous editions of the event.
  •     More and more universities are applying to the project.