Talent Identification Program - England

Concept 4 Soccer Poland in cooperation with International Football Academy has created the Talent Identification Program.
This unique program gives every young football player the opportunity to learn about the latest methods of football training, the style and philosophy of the English football. This program also gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the criteria that are set by professional English clubs before players who want to play professionally.
This program allows us to prepare a player from 12 years of age to professionally play football with an English training system and gives you the chance to find a professional club and sign a contract with clubs from the UK.

By participating in the Talent Identification Program

  • You will gain a unique opportunity to train in the academies of professional English football.
  • Through our contacts, your football skills will be assessed by coaches and scouts from English professional clubs.
  • Each player will receive a scouting report on the individual football skills.
  • This program helps players to improve their football skills and achieve higher levels of football training.
  • Experience the new culture and football at the highest level!
The offer includs:
  •     Participate in friendly matches with professional clubs from England
  •     Participation in showcase matches in fron of  scouts from English professional clubs
  •     Weekly training program prepared by Premier League coaches
  •     Participation in club training sessions from League 2 to Premier League
  •     Individual technical training with coaches from English professional clubs
  •     Individual fitness, strength, speed training
  •     Tour of the Premier League clubs
  •     Watching Premier League matches

Our Program offers a real chance for a career in the UK.
We work in a two-level system!


  •  Direct tryout in the Premier League, Championship, League 1 clubs after assessing football skills during camps or football tests organized by C4SP in Poland and taking a one-week internship in England with coaches from International Football Academy.
  • Direct tryout at League 2 clubs and individual training programs with the International Football Academy assess the player's level, and create the best development and promotion program for the future.
How to get that opportunity?

“Attend in one of our International Camps organized in Poland by C4SP. We will be assessing your skills and get in touch with you and your club if you are interested.”


Player Information
Parent Information
If the above player is under 16 years old please could the Parent / Guardian fill out the details below.
I understand and accept that whilst all reasonable care will be taken neither Concept 4 Soccer International nor any personnel authorised by them, nor the school / facility at which the soccer trial camp is being held will be responsible for any loss or injury suffered by or to the applicant, how ever caused.