USA Football scholarship Bitburg Germany 26 - 28 May 2017

The organizer of the event is Schachter Management & Sports, the official partner of Concept 4 Soccer Poland in Germany.
● 10 players of Concept 4 Soccer Poland will be given the opportunity to participate in the Bitburg test.
● The scholarship allows you to study in the United States for free. Typically it is a cost between $ 40,000 - $ 70,000 per year of study.
• The American football system is based on 4 divisions, where 1 is the strongest. Season lasts 3-5 months.
• 10-12 American universities will be involved in the project, which will provide scholarships for the best European players participating in the tests.
• Learning and playing college is the way to a professional MLS contract.
• Teams playing MLS, as in other professional leagues in the USA
(NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) choose the best university players in the annual lottery.
• In each top academy every year the junior age is finished by a group of about 20 athletes. The club proposes a contract for 3-4. We believe that for all others our offer is very attractive.