Summer Scouting camp 2108 - results

 Concept 4 Soccer ID Camp has finisfed, there is a time to get feedback. This year, training and scouting accents were spread over 50:50. It is known that as Concept 4 Soccer, we have an established position in terms of scouting, so we had to select the appropriate class training staff to emphasize the training accent.

As a result, the coaches worked with the players during the event:

  •     Piotr Rzepka -  junior group
  •     Anthony Williams - youth junior group
  •     Krzysztof Franczak - youth junior group
  •     Waldemar Grzanka - goalkeepers
  •     Alex Turkan - individual training units in individual groups

Our coaches provided the players with appropriate conditions for development, in each unit trying to provide the players with as much knowledge as possible. This model of work meant that individual evaluation talks with the coaches were comprehensive, and the players certainly possessed additional knowledge about their own training and deficiencies. We are sure that individual conversations, theoretical presentations aimed at stimulating the players' awareness and the scouting reports we are currently working on provide a very large support of the training process and allow us to improve the skills of the participants of our camps.

We are pleased that the additional options are:

  •     extended scouting report
  •     professional CV Concept Pro
  •     video film

This shows that the students of our camps more and more often take care of their portfolio.
In terms of scouting, we can already boast of the first confirmed invitations for testing camp participants for clubs such as Miedź Legnica, Ślęza Wrocław, Śląsk Wrocław or Bałtyk Gdynia - both for academies and senior teams, and it should be remembered that we are just starting to work in this field.
Of course, we will inform about the successes of the participants of the Concept 4 Soccer ID Camp, we will also update our player's ring. We are already starting preparations for the Autumn Concept 4 Soccer tests. On the day of recruitment for this event, all participants of the summer camp will receive a nice message from us via email