Summary of the 1.FSV Mainz 05 football camp in Wodzislaw Slaski - June 2017

Finished the 3rd of July Concept 4 Soccer Poland football camp - 1.FSV Mainz 05 as every year had a double, training and scouting formula.
The training part consisted of Mainz 05 methodological trainings, theoretical presentations, individual interviews with each German trainer and a detailed report showing the leading characteristics, weaknesses and directions of development, as well as determining the optimum position on the field for each competitor.
In parallel with the German coaches, we invited scouts from England, Spain or Greece, who also looked at the players in terms of foreign travel. The event was organized by the management agency PP & B Management, which will represent distinguished students of events organized by Concept 4 Soccer Poland.
Details of players selected for participation in the September tests in Germany and cooperation with PP & B Management will be given in the following articles.