Scouting Service experience camp with English pro clubs

On February 4 - 11, another Experience Camp, Concept 4 Soccer, takes place in a short period of time.

The event is organized in cooperation with Rochdale AFC. Players Michał Babiec, Maciej Trzciński and Oskar Liszka left for England thanks to participation in the Concept 4 Soccer Scouting Service program supporting the individual development of football potential. All players have the chance to present themselves during trainings with the Rochdale team, as well as individual classes conducted by trainers with a rich CV in English football, which changes the nature of the trip - to the training goal, adding the element of scouting.
As always in the case of trips from Concept 4 Soccer to the Experience programs, there is a chance to win direct tests in foreign clubs, because training camps are in our program the stage of verifying the sports level based on training in foreign clubs.