ID camp in Lodz December - results

Team Concept 4 Soccer since the end of December football trial in Lodz is working on the preparation of an individual offer for outstanding players. It should be noted that the direction and type of cooperation depends on the level of the player, his age, and the options available to us on the football market.
We are very pleased that a large group are competitors who will perform direct tests at English clubs, they are:

  • Gracjan Korytkowski - 14 - 20 January Accringoton Stanley
  • Patryk Soboczyński and Jan Bieniek - 14 - 20 January Rochdale AFC
  • Patryk Riabowski - 21 - 27 January Wigan Atlethic
  • Maciej Scharmach and Adel Hassan - 21 - 27 January FC Bury and Rochdale AFC
The next players will soon leave for tests in Polish clubs:
  • Daniel Ślesiński - 14 - 20 January Miedź Legnica
  • Dorian Nikielski and Jan Włodarek - Stilon Gorzów Wlkp.
  • Jan Włodarek and Maciej Scharmach - SMS Lodz
In addition, we are preparing a test offer in Polish clubs for Aleksei Smirnov and Maksim Kovel from Belarus, and Paweł Rogala recommended teams from the second Cypriot league - here we do not have an answer yet.
The last part of the summary are players, interest in which the agency PP & B Management expressed. The cooperation offers received:
  • Edwin Rabiega
  • Maciej Scharmach
  • Jan Jaszczak