Concept 4 Soccer Trial in December 2018

Registration for the next edition of Concept 4 Soccer football trial have just started!

At the beginning, very nice information for all participants of the Concept 4 Soccer summer camp! We appreciate the fact that you want to continue working with us, which is why we have prepared a loyalty promotion for you to participate in the tests. The discount is up to 15%, which reduces the price of participation in the event up to 85 pounds!

This time, we decided to organize two parties. One for players aged up to and including junior junior and the other for junior and youth juniors. The division aims to facilitate the work invited by Concept 4 Soccer guests, and enable us to download more trainers / scouts looking for players to their academies in the first and senior teams in the second case.

On December 8 - 9, on the OSiR in Dzierżoniów, there will be tests for the junior and senior youth - athletes born in 2001 and older.

Between 15 - 16 December, SMS tests will take place on SMS facilities in Łódź for players from the age category U-14 - U-17 (born in 2002-2005).

In both events, we assume the creation of a group of eight goalkeepers and two groups of players from the field.

A detailed description of the events and recruitment can be found on our website in the Football tests - Poland tab.

As always, the number of places is limited, so please do not hesitate to sign up!