Concept 4 Soccer summer offer 2018

Concept 4 Soccer summer offer 2018

We remind you about the ongoing recruitment for the Concept 4 Soccer summer camps. In order to make it easier for you to find on the website you are interested in, we remind you that all events are described in the tab OBOZY PIŁKARSKIE / POLSKA.

Below we have included opening links which will lead to a description of the camp you are interested in. When submitting your participation in the first step, you must complete the APPLICATION FORM.

German Experience Camp football camp:

A scouting camp ID Camp:

Goalkeeping camp:,-ekstraklasy.html

We anticipate attractive discounts if you register for more than one camp or arrive at a party of several players from one club. In addition, it is possible to choose the oobzu investigation option.

In addition to enrollments for summer camps, high school players, we encourage you to reflect on the participation in the German Bitburg football tests that give you the chance to win a sports scholarship at one of the American universities. Combining studies in the USA with a game of football with Concept 4 Soccer is possible.

All players wanting to improve their skills, improve their understanding of the game and consciously strive to enter a higher level of training, we remind you of the availability of the C4S Scouting Service. This excellent support for individual development since the beginning of 2018 is available in an open offer, and not only for players cooperating with Cocneept 4 Soccer! All information can be found in the SKAUTING / OFFER FOR COMPETITORS. Below is a link directly transferring to this page: