Concept 4 soccer ID camp - results

As always after completing the Concept 4 Soccer camp, we have a lot of work to summarize the entire event, develop and send participants reports, videos and CV Pro. In addition, we conduct a number of scouting activities, which we want to boast about in this place, and congratulations for those who have achieved success thanks to the participation in the Concept 4 Soccer ID Camp:

    Gleb Kulabukhow - tesy Ślęza Wrocław, KP Starograd Gdański, Wda Świecie (seniors)
    Patryk Riabowski - tests at Ślęza Wrocław, Stal Stalowa Wola, Olimpia Zambrów (seniors)
    Patrik Ahonen - KP Starogard Gdański tests (seniors)
    Michał Babiec - tests Cyprus (seniors)
    Jan Bieniek - tests: Śląsk Wrocław and SMS Łódź
    Kamil Boguszewski - Raków Czestochowa tests
    Jakub Papliński - Elana Toruń tests
    Piotr Podsendek - SMS tests Łódź
    Patryk Dybowski - SMS tests Łódź
    Kacper Zaboklicki - SMS tests Łódź
    Konrad Bartochowski - SMS tests Łódź
    Adam Gładysz - Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski tests
    Adrian Materek - Miedź Legnica tests
    Mateusz Gójski - Miedź Legnica tests

This is still not all, because the Concept 4 Sccer Scouting Service offer was very popular among the participants of the camp, and the PP & B Management agency cooperating with us chose 3 competitors, who submitted an offer to sign a representation agreement.
This summary shows that coming to the Concept 4 Soccer event is a real chance to grow and take the next step on the way to professional football.