C4SP Soccer Profile scouting camp 5 - 10 July 2019

Registration for the annual Concept 4 Soccer summer camp has started.

As every year, we offer a unique form of the event - this time the work will be carried out in accordance with the Soccer Profile methodology, and the main trainer during the camp will be one of the creators of this platform coach Stuart Monk.

Soccer Profile is a tool for assessing the level of technical training and motor preparation of players practicing football. The results of all tested competitors go to the database, thanks to which their achievements and progress can be compared with the players of the English Premier League, but also with their peers trained in the top English football academies. What is important, Soccer Profile has a countless base of exercises, which allows you to improve these areas of training, where the results are not satisfactory.

Soccer Profile was co-created by football coaches from the world top like Roberto Martinez (Belgium coach), Brendan Rodgers (Celtic manager) and Gary Monk (Birmingham City manager) and coaches from the motoring and learning departments of Liverpool and Swansea academies.

Soccer Profile is an amazing platform where there are a lot of tests, games, exercises, and trainings leading to technical excellence, which we will use during training.

There was no such camp in Poland yet. Do not hesitate to report your participation today!

Registration on the Concept 4 Soccer Poland website in the football camps tab - Poland or by opening the following link: