Tours in Spain

Concept 4 Soccer Poland Training Programme, through their partnerships with Real Valladolid Fundation have

created the Spain Premier Youth Development Programme. Real Valladolid Training Programme offers a unique exposure for youth players to professional club training facilities, academy coaches, latest coaching ideas, philosophies and styles of spanish football. The focus of our programme is to expose young players to the  environment at professional club and for them to experience the requirements to become a young professional.

This is a unique chance for youth players to train like a professional and  have a lot of fun on the way.

Concept 4 Soccer International Training Programme is proud to offer teams from anywhere in the world a unique opportunity to train at and play against some off the top professional academies in Spain. This programme is custom built on the specific requests of the coach and is developed according to the quality and the specific needs of each team, and in some cases compete against academy teams, should the team meet the necessary criteria to qualify for that level. Training with a UEFA badged coach at a top professional club in Spain, combined with matches / stadium tours and watching a Primera Division match create a truly unique soccer experience.


Tours for Teams in Valladolid and Madrid

Real Valladolid Training Programme is proud to offer teams and their coaches to train, play and learn Spanish soccer training methods and techniques at Real Valladolid Academy.
You will have an opportunity to train at some of the best training facilities in Spain. During your time, you will have an opportunity to interact with their academy coaches, and Learn their latest coaching ideas, philosophies and styles of play and tactical systems.
Participation in this programme will not only be fun for you and your players but will serve as a great tool to unify, advance and get professional response from your players that will stay with them in the future.