Football experience camps with Professional clubs from England, Germany, Spain



Concept 4 Soccer international Training Programme, through their partnerships with the  elite UK, Germany, Spanish and Polish professional football clubs have created the  Premier Youth Development Programme.
Concept 4 Soccer International Training Programme offers a unique exposure for youth players to professional club training facilities, academy coaches, latest coaching ideas, philosophies and styles of play at some of the European leading professional clubs.
The focus of our programme is to expose young players to the environment at professional clubs and for them to experience the requirements to become a young professional at some of the leading clubs from UK, Germany, Spain and Poland.
Concept 4 Soccer International Training Programme is proud to offer youth soccer players a unique experience, to train and play at some of the best facilities in Poland.


  • This program offers youth teams from all over The World football camps in Poland with academy coaches of their choice from English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spain La Liga or Polish Ekstraklasa clubs
  • You will be training on the best modern football facilities use by polish professional clubs
  • Three different location: Gdansk, Poznan, Krakow
  • Coaching staff from Professional clubs from England, Germany, Spain or Poland
  • Sightseeing Program
  • Friendly matches with polish Ektraklasa Youth Academies


Parent info

The programme is designed to make a fun and useful soccer experience for young soccer players who are eager to improve their game. This is a perfect opportunity for those who aspire to become better players / teams.
The players train at the same facilities the academy players use. Those facilities are safe, with medical personnel and security present at all times. Concept 4 Soccer International Training Programme does everything possible to make the trip fun , enjoyable and worry free.
Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful local people who know the culture and the language. They assist the group and individuals around the clock for the duration of their stay.

We at Concept 4 Soccer International Training Programme understand that while training is the most important aspect of the trip it is not the only one, After training the group will have the opportunities to have matches / Stadium tours / Watch Polish Ekstraklasa game / visit local historical places / eat local food and get acquainted with the local culture which is very important for the development of youth.

 Program of the camp

  • Full board and accommodation
  • 3/4/5* hotel
  • Transportation
  • 24h C4SP representative
  • training sessions with  coaches from professional clubs of your choice from UK, Germany, Spain or Poland
  • 2 Friendly matches with Youth top teams
  • Sightseeing program
  • Visiting stadiums depending of the location of the camp ( Wisla Krakow FC, Lech Poznan FC, Lechia Gdansk FC )
  • 1 coach free 

How does the group size affect the cost of our trip?
Larger groups certainly save money. We customize tours for small groups, but for the best deal, larger groups are encouraged.

Can family members and/or friends come along on our trip?
Yes, supporters are always welcome. In addition to the soccer aspect of your trip, our trips offer wonderful sightseeing and cultural experiences that can be enjoyed by all.

Where do we stay?
Concept 4 Soccer International Training Programme works with numerous hotels. We will arrange a stay that fits your budget.

What meals are included in the price?
We offer prices for breakfast, half or full board. Half board includes two meals a day (typically one being breakfast), and full board includes three meals a day.

What type of transportation do we use while abroad?
Our groups travel in top quality charter buses and/or minivans.

Will my child be well supervised on the trip?
Yes, along with any coaches and supporters that come on the trip, there will always be an tour director with your group. This person is available at all times, and will be with your group at soccer events and any outings.

Can we see a professional official soccer game?
Yes. We offer the option to watch a professional soccer games. Please, keep in mind that we offer this option when soccer season is on. There may be times when there are no games being played.

In booking form write the location of your choice from Krakow, Poznan or Gdansk
More info at:
email: info@concept4soccerpoland.com
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Other Info
I understand and accept that whilst all reasonable care will be taken neither Concept 4 Soccer International nor any personnel authorised by them, nor the school / facility at which the soccer trial camp is being held will be responsible for any loss or injury suffered by or to the applicant, how ever caused.